Estética Facial

Estética Facial

A Estética Facial é absolutamente essencial, pois ajuda você a se destacar em qualquer ocasião especial que você possa precisar.

Aqui a lista de nossas serviços de Estética Facial:
  • Design de Sobrancelha
  • Coloração de Sobrancelha
  • Henna de Sobrancelha
  • Coloração de Cílios
  • Permanente de Cílios
  • Implante de Cílios
  • Limpeza de Pele
  • Cosmetic Lift
  • Cosmetic Peeling


One of the co-founders, Mary is the most creative of our stylists’ team.

Besides hair styling and coloring, she also manages all the hair extensions appointments, as well as the conditioning treatments.

Mary is a unique individual, whos’ positive attitude can itself be the ultimate definition of the word “customer service”. She is naturally nurturing and gentle. Professionally she’s insightful and knowledgeable.

By putting 100% of herself into every single communication and appointment, she is the favorite among our returning clientele…

The key to why Mary has such a deep interest towards the haircare field lies withing her own teen years into early adulthood, as it was then when Lindsey struggled with her own hair care issues.

She overcame her hair health problems and since then converted it into a true passion, aimed at educating and helping others!

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